How To Grow Your Business Using Social Media

Updated: May 29

Disclosure: I love Social Media- but it wasn't always that way. I struggled (for a long time) to understand how to grow my business through social media marketing. My initial strategy looked like this: FIRE. FIRE. FIRE. When it actually needed to look like this: READY. AIM. FIRE.

You belong here if you are overwhelmed by trying to grow your business on social media, (I feel you sister!) My goal is to help you find comfort in knowing you are not the only one and to empower you to take your social media strategy seriously. Otherwise, we can keep running around in circles- frustrated and burnt out- if we skip out on laying down the foundation of a personal brand.

Social Media gives all brands the opportunity to establish a personality that prospective customers and partners can relate to in a very personal way. When well thought out and executed, it promotes word-of-mouth recommendations that are measurable. Social is all about people connecting with one another and successful personal branding will create a consistent, targeted impression. Over time, this can help you achieve your personal and professional goals in light of this high-paced, ever-changing marketplace. So, let's dig into the three simple steps to help you discover how to create a profitable personal brand on social media!

First, begin with defining your personal brand. A personal brand is a marketing strategy that focuses on the most important product: you! No matter what you're selling or changing in the world, it all begins with your unique perspective and voice. There's a great deal of introspection involved. You can start by asking yourself the following questions: Who am I at my core? What are the things that make me tick (ie. personality, values, skills, passions)? Where do I find other people who share these similarities (vision, lifestyle, desires, and needs)? How do I make my voice standout? Why would someone else want what I have to give? Answers to these types of questions will guide brand strategy and will ultimately attract like-minded people to you. It can also provide valuable insights that can inspire more action in our business.

Second, formulate a personal brand statement so that followers can quickly understand what to expect from you and what you promise to deliver on a consistent basis. Should they expect to hear an authoritative voice, experience a taste-maker lifestyle, understand what makes your product/service especially note-worthy, or are they simply there to swoon over the aesthetic images? It can be helpful to create a list of adjectives that you (and others) often say about you. To take it a step further, visualize the best version of yourself and then find keywords that fill in the blanks for the following statements:

These three keywords describe my best qualities: ______, ______, ______.

"I am in my element when _______________________________________".

"I am recognized for my expertise in _______________________________".

"Others compliment me on my ability to _____________________________".

Third, attract the ideal client. It’s important to know who you are selling to so each piece of content is custom-tailored to what they’re looking for. These followers will love your brand promise and happily refer other ideal clients to you. Here are some questions to ask to help you narrow down your ideal client:

  • Where does she live?

  • Who old is she?

  • Is she married?

  • Does she have children? If so, how many?

  • What does she do for a living?

  • How much does she earn a year?

  • How does she like to spend time outside family and work?

  • Where does she like to shop?

  • What's her personal style?

  • What books/blogs/magazines does she read?

  • What TV shows/movies does she watch?

  • What does she like to splurge on?

  • What worries her?

  • Where did she vacation last?

Now you can begin to position your brand on platforms that they engage in the most. Whether it's Facebook (lifestyle), Twitter (thought-provoking), LinkedIn (professional networking), Instagram (virtual magazine), or Pinterest (visual sales), steer towards your authentic style of connecting and deepening relationships. It's a good rule of thumb to choose one or two platforms to build on when first starting off.

Here's the truth, sisters: nearly all demographics are now on Social Media using mobile devices. It has forever altered the way we fall in and out of relationships, stay in touch with our networks, and find new and exciting opportunities. We only have a few short seconds for followers to decide if what we have to give is worth pursuing. I can help you find the right people, and to relate to them by sharing valuable thoughts, resources, and media.



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