How To Create An Aspirational Brand On Social Media

Updated: May 27

So, we probably came across one another through my favorite social platform of all time, Instagram. I'm an enamored student of the marketing tool for business. I aim to create content that enables my ideal client to be part of the journey, the dream, and the lifestyle that she too, aspires to have. 

Creating content that's educational, insightful, helpful and entertaining regarding your specific business offering, the more your followers feel satisfied. They'll want to point others to you. This aspirational brand marketing strategy positions small businesses in an evolving marketplace to gain more customers and partners. What's also intriguing, is that it actually reshapes consumer opinion about your particular product or service. This holistic approach will deliver on relevance, engagement, and your brand's growth.

Here are five characteristics (also known as psychographic data) that will help attract the right type of followers to aspirational brands. These characteristics can also help you decide which type of photo imagery to use, how to write compelling captions, and what will elicit a strong response to any call-to-action.  This is the reason why independent contractors/collaborators make great brand partners. They help the company reach markets in a unique and personal way.

1. Values- things they believe are important in the way they work or live

2. Lifestyle- their collection of everyday activities, associations, and places they spend their time

3. Opinions- their generally held view or attitudes formed in their mind about a particular matter

4. Interests- hobbies and habits that occupy their time

5. Personality profile- where they range in extraversion, openness, conscientiousness, agreeableness, and neuroticism

While I understand my personal brand and business model inside and out, I'm still trying to marry the two into one powerful aspirational brand marketing tool to connect with my ideal audience on an organic level. That aside, I have a crystal clear understanding of what my ideal client aspires to become so now I can plan content that appeals to her sensibilities. And, I encourage you to try it as well.

Working smarter, not harder, means we get toalign our efforts to their lifestyle, identity, reputation, and legacy. Comment below with any questions, suggestions, or insight that you may have. I absolutely love supporting others in business and life!


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